It was a big Week 2 for the XBL with high scoring games and players putting up big numbers. In the Junior Division, the Firebirds went 2-0. They won their first game by 1 point and their second by 12. Patrick Cosgrove led the way with a 13 -point game followed by a 26 – point game. 10 other players in the Junior Division put up double figure points, including Justin Hartwig who led Team Zion to their 3rd straight victory with 23 points. In the Senior Division, 13 players had double digit points. The Braves scored 93 in the highest scoring game of the season. 5 players had 10 or more points, led by James Berent with 18. Eric Frys and James Martindale each had 16. Craig Fitzgerald led the Barsottelli Bulls to a 86-77 victory with 23 points. Aaron Galas of Uncle Drew’s Team propelled himself to the Senior Division leading scorer spot with a record breaking 39 points.

Junior Division:
Firebirds 32 vs. Golden Legends 31
Firebirds 53 vs. Cervi Bulls 41
Wildcats 42 vs. Titans 31
Team Zion 52 vs. Lakers 26

Senior Division:
Braves 93 vs. Los Suns 48
Barsottelli Bulls 86 vs. Uncle Drew’s Team 77

This Tuesday 4/30 G’s Gladiators and the Blackhawks will play at St. Mary’s at 6:15pm while the Nets and The Truth will play at 7:15pm. The remaining teams will practice as scheduled.