Thanks to all the moms who spent their Mother’s Day in the gym with us yesterday, it was an exciting day. In the Junior Division, the Golden Legends played two great back to back games to get their first 2 wins of the season. Both were total team efforts. Gino McCoy of the Wildcats had another impressive week with 24 points. Jack Jarzynski led the Firebirds to victory with 12 points. Team Zion was down 1 point at half time but came back big time in the second half to remain undefeated. They were led by Jack Lewandowski with 17 points and Ryan Hartwig with 14 points. In the Senior Division, Roszczyk, Speyer and Dinse led The Truth to their first win of the season. Nate Nunweiler put up 36 to help the Nets get the W. Every player on the roster scored for G’s Gladiators, helping them to remain undefeated for the season. The Braves also remain undefeated after a very exciting and close game against Bill’s Bulls this week. They were led by Matt Mazur who could not miss from the 3 in the second half and ended up with 21 points. The two undefeated teams will face each other next week at 11:00am!

Junior Division:
Golden Legends 41 vs. Wildcats 38
Golden Legends 48 vs. Cervi Bulls 17
Firebirds 35 vs. Lakers 29
Team Zion 52 vs. Titans 4

Senior Division:
The Truth 67 vs. Los Suns 43
Braves 52 vs. Bill’s Bulls 48
Nets 57 vs. Blackhawks 39
G’s Gladiators 74 vs. Uncle Drew’s Team 57
G’s Gladiators 68 vs. Bill’s Bulls 52