The last week of regular season play did not disappoint! All games in the Junior Division were close and high scoring. Team Zion remained undefeated with a close battle over the Golden Legends. Despite Golden Legend’s Owen Obrochta’s 25 points, the Hartwig brothers led Team Zion to victory 42-37. All players on the Laker’s roster scored in a 3-point win over the Cervi Bulls. Gino McCoy put up 20 points in the Wildcat’s victory over the Titans. In the Senior Division, there was a huge upset! The Blackhawks gave G’s Gladiators their fist loss of the season in an OT thriller. The Blackhawk’s Adam Gabryszak scored a 3 with 20 seconds left in regulation to send the game into overtime. Evan Kuhlemy scored 15 points, including the lone basket in overtime to give the Blackhawks the win. The Truth went 2-0 this weekend, securing themselves into the 4th place seed. Looks like things will be exciting on championship day!

Junior Division:

  • Team Zion 42 vs. Golden Legends 37
  • Wildcats 44 vs. Titans 34
  • Lakers 41 vs. Cervi Bulls 38

Senior Division:

  • Braves 45 vs. Bill’s Bulls 34
  • Blackhawks 45 vs. G’s Gladiators 43
  • The Truth 41 vs. Blackhawks 25
  • The Truth 54 vs. Uncle Drew’s Team 33
  • Nets 73 vs. Los Suns 56