The last week of regular season play did not disappoint. In the Junior Division, top scores of the day were Ryan Hartwig of the UB Bulls and Landon Kirk of the Crazy Goats with 14 points each. William Papanastaiou led the Rockets with 10. In the Senior Division, 76ers continued their winning streak, led by Nick Capozzi with 21 points. The Benchwarmers came back from a tough first game to win their second game in an exciting overtime. Carter Switek was the leading scorer with 19 points. Ro’Mel Speaks dominated with 38 points for the Ultimate Allstars. In the High School Division, Uncle Drew’s Team had their first win of the season. They were led by Adam Gabryszak with 18 points and Jack Bergum with 15 points. See you next week for playoffs!

Final scores were…

Junior Division:

  • UB Bulls 39 Orange Crush 36
  • Rockets 32 Genco 26
  • Crazy Goats 49 Braves 29

Senior Division:

  • 76ers 63 Benchwarmers 32
  • Ultimate Allstars 62 Pacers 59
  • Benchwarmers 49 Nationals 43

High School Division:

  • Uncle Drew’s Team 49 Bill’s Bulls 43
  • Three Bombers 60 G’s Gladiators 37
  • Bucks 56 BBB 51